Bands like NIHIL NOCTURNE make me hope who Black Metal musick in the next future return to be exclusively an underground & honest form of expression, without stupid clown bands in search of popularity through bullshit interview and really boring sissy mushit, they play Black Metal... cold... depressive... pounding... expressing the feelings who this kind of musick must communicate!! I've talked with Vigridr, really an interesting interview!!

Can you brief me about the story of the band?
NIHIL NOCTURNE exists since winter 1999 - before that time Nordvinth and me myself were active participants of the german Metal underground. From 1992 until 1995 we were members of SANCTIMONIUM (maybe some might remember?) and parallel to that - from 1994 to 1996 - we published an infamous german Black and death Metal magazine called SOLUZEN. This publication had to quit due to uncomfortable circumstances, but...let bygones be bygone!
Anyway, the two of us felt the urge to record some real underground Black Metal tunes again, firstly for our own pleasure, but then we started to trade our tapes in the german underground (which is spawning out some very intense and dedicated Black Metal bands these days - keep your eyes and ears open!!!) and so some very special people got to know our afforts...
To the present point we have two tapes out:
1. "Black Hatred"/2000 (3 tracks - very raw and pure rehearsal sound - right from the catacombs - no fun-stuff here!!!)
2. "Total Nemesis"/2001 (4 tracks - grim and raw fuckin' Black Metal - dedicated bloodkult!!!)
Next month we are going to record some new tracks for another release... but we do not make plans on how to deal with those efforts... We will watch and see.

Why you've choiced Black Metal for express yourself?
It was no kind of choice, really! Since buying Darkthrone's "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" in 1991, I was bound to that eerie and obscure, uprising spirits... those haunting tunes, which created such a strange addiction to the dark side of anything... It is impossible to put that into words, but be sure, some will know what I am talking about. It's that total dedication to the
twisted stance in life - a total fuck off - a personal sacrifice - and absolute identification with that: Inside-the abyss/Outside-the
Maybe an unjust symbiosis - it gives you a great feel of meaning and power but takes your free will completely... None such nonsense as: We are the elite, we are our own masters!!! Fuck that! Then, you have not understood anything - Black Metal grants no choice, it takes your soul completely!!! There are no other options, otherwise you are not into Black Metal and that's for sure!!!

Into nowadays BM scene there are really much attitude/ideologies, from consumistic glamour poser attitude to "intollerant" attitude, your opinion about this situation?
As mentioned above, I really think that there exists an inner bond to Black Metal for some people- although those are seldomly the ones talking much about that. In a way I am really intolerant myself, if it gets to the real Black Metal core...but I also think, that one should be able to draw the line for oneself. I mean, there is quite too much fighting in the scene anyway.
Bands which fuck with the original ideals of Black Metal (and those might be different from person to person, but I don't care!) will be completely ignored, I can't deal with that janus-headed scum, and the bands which really give me a thrill or seem to have unholy potential will be contacted and asked for correspondence or collaboration (isn't that the real underground idea?! - D.I.Y. mirrored in Black) sooner or later... Anyway:

You've have relationship with other german bands?
No I actually don't socialize alot! But I try to maintain some more or less intense corresponence with the favourite bands. Right at the moment, I feel that there is a promising and idealistic Black Metal underground forming in Germany - unlike some years before, there are more and more bands who have regained the dark purity of underground freedom..
Thinking of NECROFROST (those tunes are for the deeply lost and wretched souls only - You guys rule supreme!!! HAIL NECROFROST), GRAVEN, STERBEND, KATHAARIA, NARGAROTH, LUNAR AURORA, DRAUTRAN, makes me feel as if the
underground is back with a vengeance (and that is only a small amount and only from germany...)

My opinion is who actually the more interesting BM scenes are in central or eastern Europe, you agree?
Yes indeed! Norway is actually dead! That's o.k. for me, as you said eastern europe (ever listened to NEGURA BUNGET right out of Transilvania? - if not: they are the best - listen: the most intense and obscure Black Metal! - for years!!! Incredible stuff!!!) and the central (i.e. Germany and neighbours, recently Spain [AKERBELTZ; ARGAR] and France [VLAD TEPES; BELKETRE...) are
breeding out their spiritual sociopaths at any moment! Finland is quite extreme also .... as always!!!

Talk me about the topics of your lyrics.
No topics or deeper meaning here! Just intense words that fit to the atmosphere and chill of the sounds... typical stuff... screaming out your hate and agony!!!

What are the situation or inner feelings who give you the input to create musick?
In my head I nearly live in a Black-Metal state of mind at any time... when I go to work I struggle to maintain my mental sanity, when meeting with my family and "friends" I feel like a robot or at least a complete stranger - total alienation - but fuck that! Because of that it is quite easy to develop that special dark creative feeling fast and precise. Some of our songs were written within a quarter of an hour (I know it is not that technical to play, but I meant the "inspiration", of course...)! As I said before: Total Dedication! Soul under Sacrifice..........

Talk me about your live gigs, there is a good situation for play live in Germany?
To be honest I don't think real Black Metal should be performed for an audience! Stay at home, empty some bottles or smoke some shit, grab your headphones, kill the light and open channels... and let the fatal transmissions begin...

Do you know some bands from Italy?
Yes, I know a little few, but maybe not the right ones, because I am not to impressed by the Black Metal Bands I get to listen from down there. Acceptions are: MONUMENTUM, SADIST, NECRODEATH,...(?!)

Thank you for the interview, can you say me your contacts for people interested in your musical proposal?
Thank you Paolo for your interest in NIHIL NOCTURNE. I really hope our tape meant something to you or granted you - at least - some sublime moments... I wish you all the best for Coagulated Rec. and life a lesser hell for the future, if you like ?! To all the others out there in the (cyber-)void: Get into contact/ open transmission ... real BlackMetalbloodkult - total dedication. The tapes are available for 3€ each (see above!), trades are more than welcome, keep the Black underground spirit, support the sickness, hail to Goreminister Que and our endeavour N:C:U, only monochrome is real, stay sick and dark... the fucking world of daylight - devoured by our pitchBlack minds: Inside-the abyss/ Outside-the void!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c/o Vigridr Labsch
Hakenstr. 8
44137 Dortmund

Totale Nacht...


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